Personality Effects on Career Choices Of Students In Public Secondary Schools In Federal Capital Territory: A Case Of Government Secondary School Lugbe-Abuja

Aminu, I. Olayinka


The study investigated effect of personality on students’ career choices in public secondary schools: A case of Government Secondary School Lugbe-Abuja. Simple random sampling techniques were adopted to select two hundred (200) Government Secondary School Students from the entire population of Government Secondary School Lugbe-Abuja. The “Students’ Career Choice Questionnaire” (SCCQ) was administered to the respondents to collect necessary data. The t-test statistics was used to test null hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. The findings revealed that there were significant differences among male and female secondary school students in their career choices in terms of:  Personal prestige of a profession and gender differences. Based on the findings some recommendations were made: (1) School guidance and counselors should be ready to help students in planning and choosing careers of their choice. (2) School guidance and counselors should involve the students in the selecting process, taking note interest, ability, skills and personality of the students.

Keywords: Personality, Students’ Career Choices, Secondary Schools

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