Communique of Academic Journal of Research and Development, NERDC, Sheda Abuja at the end of 2018 National Conference Held at NERDC Conference Centre, Sheda-Abuja on 27th – 28th June, 2018


The Academic Staff of Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) organized a National Conference with the Theme: Admission Process and Access to Quality Education in Nigeria with Sub-Theme which centred on Primary, Secondary, Technical and Vocational, Teacher, Adult and Non-formal and University Education.

The Conference was held between 27th and 28th June, 2018 at the Conference Centre of NRDC, Sheda. Abuja.  The opening remark by the Chief Host, Professor Ismail Junaidu ably represented by Dr. (Mrs) Berne Ikegulu appreciated the initiative of organizer and the turnout of participants. He highlighted the Council Mandate which include to encourage, promote and coordinate educational research programmes carried out in Nigeria; encourage research in educational problems and for that purpose, undertake, commission, incorporate and finance such research projects as the Council deems fit; support hosting of national and international educational conferences as may be relevant to the function of the Council among others. He enumerated the Council contribution to education in Nigeria and worldwide such as a chairman of International Bureau of Education, UNESCo’s focal point for curriculum development and innovation in the West African Sub-region, the height not by chance but by commitment to using research in the evolution of new techniques and strategies in curriculum development and implementation.

The keynote address delivered by Dr. Hamid Bobboyi, the Executive Secretary of Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) with the title “Quality Basic Education Delivery in Nigeria: Issues and Challenges” was well articulated and knowledge driven. The UBEC Executive Chairman dwell more on issues that is worrisome in the educational industries such as high rate of out – of – school children, poor quality teacher, misalignment of actors within the education sub-sector, poor feedback mechanism among others. The paper suggested that the Nigeria educational system require the training and retraining of professional teacher’s development, monitoring of learning development and teacher compensations. According to him, the repositioning of basic sub-sectors requires adequate planning, national personnel audit, revamping Agriculture in Basic Education, promotion of adequate instructional materials, open-schooling and above all empowering communities to support basic education.

The lead paper presenter Prof. Hauwa Imam spoke extensively on the need to raise the level of education in order to develop human resources, who will in turn raise the level of economy. She explained that all three levels of Education enshrined in the national policy on education (Pre-primary, Basic and Senior Secondary) should be made opened and compulsory to every citizen. However, she warned that no segment of the populace should be left unattended to for the peaceful co-existence of the nation.

All the academia who presented paper at the conference made varied suggestion and recommendation that could move education sector forward such as; proper funding of education, recruitment of quality teachers and provision of adequate instructional materials.

Various papers presented during the conference admonished the issues of examination process and quality of education and generally opined that  to enhance access to education, the issue of quota system or federal character or catchment areas or locality should be reviewed. This means, in essence that admissions should be liberalized; increase access to suitably qualified candidates, considering the heterogeneous nature of Nigeria; Individual institution should be empowered to have more input in the recruitment of teaching staff and also incentives should be given to the teachers across board to embark on state of the researches that could improve the quality of education in Nigeria.

The AJORAD in session recommends the following:

  1. Equal access of universal basic education to every Nigeria Child up to Senior Secondary School.
  2. Revamping Agriculture in basic education
  3. Teachers professional development and special needs education
  4. Prompt payment of teachers salary as they are implementer of educational research activities
  5. Centre for educational research, innovation and training as NERDC should be adequately funded
  6. Empowering communities to support basic education in Nigeria
  7. Incorporating NERDC among educational institution that will access TETfund and PTDfund intervention fund.


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