Quality Education: Key to Promoting Access to Acquisition of Business Education Skills in Nigeria

 Agbaje E. Moses and Ibikunle Babatunde


This paper has carefully looked at quality education as a key to promoting access to the acquisition of business education skills in Nigeria. The concept of business education was examined with emphases on different definitions from different scholars in the field. The objectives of business education were also looked at with a view to drawing a link between the realization of the objectives and quality education. The paper looked at what quality education entails and the need to measuring the quality of the nation’s educational system. Some indices to measuring the quality of the educational programme were highlighted. The paper also examined some notable business education skills like communication, marketing, entrepreneurial, teaching and internet skills; and the roles quality education play in the acquisition of these skills. The paper therefore concludes that for the objectives of business education programme to be achieved, the quality of education must be improved towards optimal performance. The paper recommends that the necessary infrastructure and facilities should be put in place in the educational system.

Keywords: Quality education, business education, skill, and Access

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