Appraisal of the Provision of Quality Basic Education in Primary Schools in Kwali Area Council of Federal Capital Territory Abuja

 Owodunni M.A.


Improving education has in recent decades been a central part of development strategies in international organizations and in most developing countries around the world. With the assumption that quality education is a catalyst for national development, this study sets out to research how Nigeria can improve quality in basic education in a way that contributes to development. Nigeria has focused on providing quality basic education as a tool for fighting poverty, ignorance and disease. Thus, this study was conducted to examine education policy on ways the issue of quality education is stipulated; assess teachers and administrators opinion on provision of quality basic education using quality dimension and key indicators; and the strategies that can be used to ensure the provision of quality education in selected primary schools in Kwali Area Council of Federal capital Territory, Abuja. Data were collected from 120 respondents including 105 teacher and 15 headmasters using quality dimensions and key indicators. The study found that quality basic education is not being provided at the primary school based on the quality dimension and indicator. The study suggests, among others, that the government and development partners in supporting the development of Primary schools in the country should revisit their plans and priorities to meet the challenges posed in providing quality education. 

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